Jun 23

Why blogging is so important for marketing your business

Blogging started as an opportunity for individuals to write down thoughts diary-style and in its 20 years of existence it has known ups and downs. As time progressed, the importance of including a blog section on business websites increased due to the rising development of search engines.

To be easily found on search engines means more traffic generated to your business, leading to possible prospects. Digital agencies understood this early on and it became quite evident that writing informative texts with search friendly keywords linking to their core business was and is still vital. However in other sectors the marketing potential of blogging has been neglected, partly because of the rise of promotional tools on social media.

Let’s break down the greatest benefits and make blogging great again for every business.

A better look into your services

Next to the products and services offered on your platform, it’s nice to have an informal way of keeping in touch with your customers who are interested to know more about what feeds your business and which developments and trends you deem important. The digital world is constantly changing so there’s always a story to share. But in other sectors such as retail or the food industry this can also be highly beneficial to engage with your audience on topics such as sustainability, representation and diversity or revising core values of your company in a fast-paced world. Consumers are aiming to be more conscious about spending their money and looking for added values that align with their own beliefs. What better way to do this than by updating them on a weekly or monthly basis in the form of a blog?

SEO vs Social media

Granted, as mentioned above social media made it easier for businesses to flourish without blogging by focusing on other aspects of promoting their business than typing out words. Nevertheless Google remains top of mind when it comes to in-depth research and this is where SEO comes into play. We can almost say that each social media has developed their own search engines within their platforms but it still doesn’t carry the same weight as the search giant that has been cataloging information since 1998.

Earn and advertise

As you might already know SEO can be a part of an online marketing strategy to advertise. When using the right set of words paired with interlinking and even affiliate marketing (for the advanced bloggers), you can generate an income out of it. A prime example of killing multiple birds in one stone: advertising for your brand, financial gains, and sharing your expertise to potential customers and already gathered audiences.

Keep in mind that it is time consuming and it needs to be followed up regularly in order to be an actual added value to your platform. Nowadays you can also make it as attractive as you want with not only words but embedded images and videos. Interested to see how this plays out for the tech industry these days? Dive into the best blogs for the tech sector in 2021 and pick up some handy tips.

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