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How to Create a Winning Explainer Video

What goes into a killer explainer video

Considering spicing up your website with some media content? Have you thought about investing in an explainer video? These 60- to 90-second videos offer site visitors an introduction to your product or service and how it works, and can markedly improve your customer conversions and engagement while helping people better understand your product or service.

Producing a video requires a lot of work and experience, so it’s always best to work with a professional. But knowing where to begin, what steps are involved and how to really show potential customers what your company has to offer via video can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re bringing you some tips on how to develop a great explainer video that will make your website visits soar.

  1. Brainstorm
    Once you’ve found a top-notch professional to produce your video, the first thing to do is brainstorm what you want the content to be. You should be able to describe your product or service, the problem it solves, how it works, and what the benefits are. Use your elevator pitch, think about the tone of voice you want to employ based on your target audience, and research other explainer videos that you found effective and identify why they work so well. The agency you are working with will probably ask you some of these questions, so being prepared with concise answers will help move the process along.

  2. Developing a great a script
    Writing a script entails coming up with a compelling intro that briefly describes the product or service and going into some detail about what it does and why it’s effective, followed by some sort of call to action. Whoever is creating the script should remember one thing: shorter is better. Don’t tell your company’s life story: videos should not last more than 60-90 seconds at most, so figure out how to say what you need concisely and convincingly.

  3. Preparing a storyboard
    Once the script is done, it’s time to begin to sketch out what visuals you want to see in the video. When meeting with your video producer, think about your company branding and decide on what kinds of images fit with it. Would this work as an animation, or do you need to shoot with live actors? The producer or agency you’re working with should be able to come up with visuals that are engaging and drive home how excited potential customers should be, but you should feel empowered to offer input and advice.

  4. The key to an amazing explainer video? Great sound
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to video, sound is the name of the game. Poor quality sound will ruin even the most visually stunning videos. Therefore, we highly suggest not cutting corners and using professional voice talent to make sure your message comes through clearly. Next, choose some music that matches well to the voice you’ve chosen. Again, think about your brand here and the feeling you want to communicate.

  5. Creating visuals
    After your storyboard and script are good to go, it’s time for the images to be created. Your agency will adhere to your storyboard, creating dynamic animations or sequences geared toward capturing customers’ attention.

  6. Edits and finishing touches
    Once the visuals are intact, voiceover and music will be added, and maybe some cool effects or graphics as well. You should be involved in the process, suggesting minor changes that will enhance the final product. Remember, subtitles are a great way to entice viewers who might not have sound on. Make sure your logo is featured at the video’s end and….voila!

You’ve done it! With your new video you can showcase your product or service effectively and convert new customers like never before. Once you’ve launched, you can even measure the impact of your video with YouTube Impact or Google Analytics.

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