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Digital Cities Challenge

(now Intelligent Cities Challenge)

Goal of the Project

Digital Cities Challenge (DCC) was a European Commission initiative to accelerate digital transformation and industrial modernization in 41 European cities through coaching and facilitation. The success of the project led to it being expanded in the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) to include a bigger network, wider scope and increased resources. WAAT played an integral role in underpinning DCC with digital support and continues to play a key role in the successor project ICC.


Working as part of a consortium, we provided the digital backbone for the project which meant collaborating with all the consortium partners and playing a part in the various work packages in the project. This entailed implementing a European-wide communication campaign, creating the visual identity and branding for the entire project, developing the website and a self-assessment tool, and providing web and communications support for the network and its events.

In the successor project, we will once again be responsible for digital support throughout the project, offering more advanced technology, such as a software as a service marketplace for participants to download and start using user developed tools, and day to day support in community management.

Project Management

Following the lead consortium partner on the project we adapted to using their tools of communication and collaboration. This allowed for a constant line of communication between our team and the lead partner who was the main point of contact for the client. Hence, we were still able to react quickly to change and adapt smoothly to the evolving project needs.


WAAT was instrumental in the Digital Cities Challenge success, from running an effective communication campaign that generated so many applications it resulted in the initiative being expanded from 15 cities to 41 cities, to connecting the network with the enterprise-level digital solutions required to achieve its goals. We are now a lead partner in the successor project, the Intelligent Cities Challenge.


  • Comms strategy
  • Content Production
  • Digital Comms
  • SEO
  • System maintenance
  • UX design
  • User Testing
  • Video Production
  • Web Development
  • Web Design


Back end

  • Drupal 8


  • Vue Apollo


  • MySQL
  • Graphql
Web Architecture
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